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2008 - A short emo-esque commentary on greed and beauty.

Jan 2012 - Inspired from a relationship breakup I had around my birthday
of 2011. This Quickbook will be updated each Christmas for three years.
Lyrics/songs used within are © to their respective owners.

Read "Topaz" from 2012 and "Yucca Plant Song" from 2010.

Read "Armenian Ruby" from 2008 and "Sapphire: Part 1/3" from 2012.

Read "Oh, Father" from 2012 and "Sapphire: Part 2/3" from 2013. (Coming Soon)

Read "Let There Be Failure" from 2011 and "Arachne" from 2009. (Coming Soon)

Read "Rune" from 2011. (Coming Soon)